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Emily ([personal profile] emmies) wrote2010-11-06 09:00 pm

Extracted Bridgeport Roads

So I finally finished the set. Here's the 3 custom roads from Bridgeport; an industrial one, a tarmac one and the main city one which includes these amazing red brick crosswalks. :)

City Roads

Tarmac Roads

Industrial Roads

Installation instructions:
1) Download and unzip
2) Put these files in Documents > Electronic Arts > Create-A-World Tool > UserToolData > SourceTextures.
3) In CAW's roads tab: Create Custom Road> Give it a name > Select your files > Press the 'Ok' button > done!


Some known issues with these: In the tarmac road set, you can't place road intersections. Seriously, just don't. There are no proper corner textures. This is because CAW has no way of handling opacity maps for corners, so I couldn't fix it even if I wanted to, but on any road without an intersection, these textures look fabulous.